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Latest from South Europe

Hilton Imperial: Best Location in Dubrovnik

A trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia is fairly easy to plan: visit and…
05/21/2015/by Matt
Hotel Residence in Milocer, Montenegro

Hotel Residence: Pioneers in Hospitality

When it’s yours, you care more. You try harder. It carries…
05/19/2015/by Astrid

Moja Čarda: Serbian Oasis for the Weary Traveler

Moja Čarda (MOY-a CHAR-da) is an oasis of refreshment and relaxation…
05/14/2015/by Jeff
Bird's eye view of Mavrovo National Park

Wild Camping in Mavrovo National Park

One of the exciting things about road trips is the unknown. The…
05/12/2015/by Brit

Residence Inn Sarajevo is a First of Its Kind

Sarajevo is more famous as a city of hills, but it’s also one…
05/07/2015/by Jennifer

Scorpios Redefines Bohemian Oasis

On May 24, 2015, Scorpios Beach Club opens in Mykonos bringing…
05/05/2015/by Jennifer

Herceg Novi: Montenegro’s City of Sun

If you were to sail into Montenegro's Bay of Kotor, you would…
04/30/2015/by Matt

Mount Joy Ranch: Montenegro’s Therapeutic Family Getaway

In the Northern, rustic region of Montenegro near the famous…
04/28/2015/by Nicole
Guvno on Mount Lovcen in Montenegro - meanderbug

Montenegro’s Guvno is a Place for Community

In most places a guvno would simply be a threshing floor, but…
04/23/2015/by Brit

Mount Rumija: Bulwark on the Adriatic

Mount Rumija (ROOM-ee-yah) stands guard over the small town of…
04/21/2015/by Jeff
Start of the Podgorica Marathon

Five Reasons to Run the Podgorica Marathon

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, discovering the rugged beauty…
04/20/2015/by Astrid

Divine Food Flows from Beautiful Ćatovića Mlini

A turn off on the road that goes around western corner of Bay…
04/16/2015/by Jennifer
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